Meet Me!

I freak out when put in the middle, front, or behind a crowd. I lightly palpate, lightly lose my mind, and lightly wanna die. I hate the crowd, the noise, the endless flow of energy, the buzzing sound of collective whispers, the heat, the suffocation. But more than that, I hate everyone’s indifference of other person’s vulnerability. I hate the feeling of getting mindlessly squished by strangers. I hate that.

I am in love with sunsets, and full moons, and new moons. They calm and excite me, both at the same moment. I see them and I wish I have the perfect camera to capture it, or the perfect words to encapsulate its beauty. In the vastness of heaven exist such miracles, and such beauty exists only for a limited time. It makes me wonder, Why do beautiful things leave earlier than the dreadful ones?

I am a bookworm. A self-proclaimed one, that is. :) I read Hunger Games series, Paolo Coelho’s masterpieces (still my favorite), The Giver quartet (my other favorite), chick-flick novels, mysteries, poetry books, Bob Ong, Aidan Chambers, and many other stuff that I hated and loved. One day, I’ll own a library filled with beautiful words bound in every shelf.

I came from a blood-line of artists and musicians. The great generation ended with my parents, I guess. :D

I own an SLR (vintage, yes), a ukulele, a crappy laptop, an Android phone, a pocket Wifi, a notebook filled with high-school poems, and tons of books.

SO, yeah.. that sums up my life. :)
I’d love to hear yours, too! Read some of my posts, comment, and let’s go exchange some thoughts. See you around!


— H


2 thoughts on “Meet Me!

  1. Toyosi_Hartpour says:

    Hey! H.A.M
    Read your profile and it’s really interesting, I couldn’t help but giggle a little bit reading through it. I’m a blogger myself, I write, I muse and I let my pen and evernote do the rest. I’d like to see if we could work together. I have a blog and a BBM channel I operate. I post people’s work (Poems, articles etc).
    Re: if you wanna talk. Thanks

    Liked by 1 person

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