Why Do People Give Up?

Why do people give up?

One reason could be because they lost the value of the things that they initially valued. Maybe, they invested so much, thinking that this is the right path, or that there’s nothing more that they could really lose if they fail this time. But then, something happened that made them realize how little they really can gain from it and that it was a clear loss even from the start.

Maybe, people give up because they don’t have enough strength to go through the whole process of fighting anymore. Doing the initial steps, they probably miscalculated the amount of effort required to accomplish the goal, thus falling short of the amount of strength halfway through the process. Maybe, they overestimated themselves or underestimated the task at hand.

Maybe, they really are just not passionate enough for the task in the first place. Maybe, they didn’t know what they are getting their selves into. Maybe, they got overwhelmed by the weight of it all. Maybe, they realized how everything would end and decided to just minimize the damage that would inevitably come, anyway.

Or maybe, they just got tired. Just.. simply tired — of fighting, of thinking, of drawing the swords and lashing senselessly on the wind, of planning, of seeing the world crumble despite the efforts and sacrifices made, of seeing how high the fall had been, of trying to mend the wounds.

People get tired. People give up. People realize the actual value of shit and decide to just drop it. People lose their fire and decide to just walk back to their homes rather than die in the cold in the middle of a desert. Instead of asking themselves why they should give up, they ask themselves why they started in the first place. And when the reason proves to be irrelevant, or immaterial, or not worth the fight, that’s when people give up.

Sometimes, people get tired and decide that, more than anything else, achieving happiness is the greatest prize that a person can lay his hands upon. And sometimes, achieving that happiness means giving up.


– H.



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