Expecto Patronum

Mom, please take me away from them.

The dementors scare me and I cannot fight them anymore.

I cannot do this. I can’t. I am powerless against them all. When they come, everything turns dark and all everything turns silent. And it scares me.

I cannot do this, mom. I shiver and I cannot breathe and I am paralyzed whenever they come near me. Sometimes they go away eventually, but lately, their visits become too often and unexpected. And they don’t leave anymore, mom. They’re here, and I’m afraid.

Please take me home. Take me with you, mom. Come here and save me and take me with you and never leave me again, please. Please.

 Please, mom. I’m afraid. Please come. Please help me. Please send them away. Please fetch me and take me with you and never leave my side again.

Please, mom. You’re my patronus. They are afraid of you, mom. And with you gone, the dementors come and kiss me, so please don’t let them do this.

Please come, mom. Please. 

They’re getting nearer.


– H.



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