What if dreams are simply the other dimensions where our souls meet?

What if our bodies temporarily leave our bodies every time we fall asleep and go to that other dimension, and we call it dream?

What if the people who die don’t go anywhere else but there, in that dimension, and live there forever?

Or what if the dead souls go to heaven, but they can also go to this dimension that bridges the worlds of the living and the dead?

What if the place where we go when we dream is just a separate world which every single soul, living or dead, can access and play and talk and sing and love and live the life they always wanted?

What if the “reality” that we deal with whenever we are awake is just an alternate universe created so we won’t have to get bored or get tired of our “dreams”?

What if nobody dies, but they all just go there — in that dream world — and we live with them every night, and we leave them every time we wake up, and they are simply waiting for us to fall asleep again?

What if they are really there, in our dreams, waiting for us, wanting to hug us and kiss us again?

What if they’re there?

What if?

I never felt worse for waking up.




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