To The Little Bird Who Wishes to Fly,

I know that sometimes, the world scares you.

 Sometimes, you feel like you are way too small for a world too vast. You look down and see the boastful mountains, the tall trees, the serpents and beasts that rule the land. You look up and see an endless blanket of sky with occasional patches of uncaring clouds — and the all scare you. You look around and see a world both full and empty.

Sometimes, you forget that you have wings — that you are meant to fly. I know that you’re overpowered by fear that you forget your wings, no matter how small, can bring you to places that some can only imagine.

You may not be as quick as a hawk, nor as strong as an eagle, nor as graceful as a swan.. But you are, nonetheless, a bird who deserves nothing but freedom.

Do not let your fear overpower you. You wish to fly, so fly as you should. You wish to see the world and enjoy its beauty? You wish to play with the clouds? You wish to try living in every tree there is?you wish to leave your little nest and feel the wind on your face and glide over the mountaintops?

Then fly, little one.

Fly like you have wings, because you do. Fly like you are free, because you are. Fly like you care for nothing else in the world. Fly like flying is your only purpose in life. Fly like the world and you won’t get the chance to fly again.

Just fly, little one.

Just fly.
– H



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