Why Everybody Needs an Office

Now,  the opportunity came and I had the chance to work off-site by handling the digital marketing of the restaurant my relatives own. The internet connection here is excellent compared to what I had in the Philippines, so that is a big advantage for me.

I have everything almost set up: fast internet connection, a kind of working computer,  a job, and a place. I was overwhelmed with the job that I cannot figure out what the problem may be, until I realized that it’s the most basic and most essential factor that I lack: a work space.

As I learned, working from home is more than just coffee and tea plus bed plus computer plus blankets and pillows. It’s more like literally bringing your work to your home, and forever ruining the comfort and peace that your house used to have. If you’ll just work at your bed with pillows around you and the television just within your reach and your favorite novels that you can’t wait to read, the productivity that you dream of would simply remain exactly as that: a dream.

Lack of productivity, among many other things, is why everyone should always have an office. It doesn’t really matter if it’s permanent or temporary, or even portable. What’s important is that you have the specific space allotted to you and your work alone.

Here are some of the disadvantages of not having an office especially if you just work from home:

  1. The transition from “relax mode” to  “work mode” is quite tough. Since every space could be your work space, you would find it hard to convince your brain that it is time for work. You’d feel like you can be as relaxed as you can get, so finding the momentum could be one of your most difficult task.
  2. People would talk to you and forget that you’re actually working. This is usual, even in a traditional office. Your workmate would suddenly think of a very fascinating story to tell you and start talking until you lose the energy and interest on whatever you are working on. But if you’re working at your home and you are not living alone, this would be a more irritating scenario than you could ever imagine, most especially if your job is as a writer, designer, content maker, editor, and other works that require a certain amount of mood before you could start the work properly.
  3. They would call you lazy for not “working”, not realizing that you are actually getting as much job as they do, sometimes more. If they’ll see you at the sofa, fiddling on your computer keys, and endlessly  swiping and typing on your phone, you would look like anything but working. This could cause some serious trouble between you and your family or housemates, thus affecting not only your job but your relationships as well.
  4. Being extremely comfortable is not really comfortable in the long run. Working while lying on the bed or sitting cross-legged, or even in the sofa with you knee up could cause a little bit of problem in  the long run. Too much comfort can make you too sleepy or lazy, and not sitting properly for a long period of time can tire you more than you know.
  5. Not having an “official” place to work on means you’d have to move from place to place where no one can disturb you, and sometimes in a place where you’re not really comfortable working at. Moving from one place to another is too much of an hassle especially if you are already in your momentum, or if you have hundreds of papers and drafts and gadgets with you.
  6. You would either think of work for every waking hour of your day, or not being in the mood to work at all.

Having a personal office even if you’re just at home is very necessary, especially if most, if not all, of your work is done there. It means having a physical and mental differentiation between working and not working. Working from home doesn’t necessarily mean that your office should be at home. Depending on the nature of your work, it could be in your favorite coffee shop, or a secluded place in a restaurant, or in the public library. As long as you have your personal space, you have a comfortable table and chair, and as few distraction as possible, then you’ll be good.

We all know that work from home is a bit awesome, but if you do’t have the right place to work on, if you cannot find the necessary amount of silence for your concentration, and if you can’t work without supervision,then maybe working from home is not for you.

Every working person needs a place to call an “office” — either at home, or in the company building, at coffee shops, or, for some, anywhere with a computer and an internet connection. And if you are like me, then you would need to have a space where you can think without any disturbances and a table where you can place all your pens and papers and notes and journals and computer, and a calendar in front of you.

Give yourself a place where you would LOVE to work, and I assure you, productivity will follow.

Happy working!


– H











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