i’ll follow you

I’ll follow you

Through hills and oceans,

Through waterfalls and seas,

Through sands and stones,

Through jungles and cities.


I’ll follow you

When highs hit lows,

When you feel alone,

When you’re at your worst,

When you don’t want me to.


I’ll follow you

From east to west,

From north to south,

From sunrise to sunset,

From nowhere to anywhere.


I’ll follow you

To the end of the seas,

To the middle of the galaxy,

To the beginning of the rainbow,

To the endless road to the stars.


I’ll follow you

Come rain or shine,

Come flood or draught,

Come festivity or hunger,

Come sun or snow.


I’ll follow you

Because I want to..

Because I can..

Because I will..

Because I’m yours.


I’ll follow you

So I can be with you,

So I can see you through,

So I can show you


That I’ll follow you..


..And only you.


— H



This is my 3rd anniversary poetry gift to the man I love. This comes with  picture for each line, posted in Instagram one photo at  time. My IG account was hacked and I deeply regret that, but it’s a good thing that I found a copy of the poem.

Dear Pats,

Fuck the distance. I’ll still follow you.


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