Missing Parts

White Rose

My younger cousin once asked me out of the blue, 

“Have you ever missed someone so terribly that it makes you wanna cry?”

I thought about it deeply. 

Do I miss someone when I wake up in the morning and hear silence instead of the noise in the kitchen and voices of people I adore? 

..when I eat their favorite dishes without them beside me? 

..when I see something beautiful and had the urge to show it to someone but not having the chance to do it? 

..or when I experience something weird or awesome but he’s not there to listen to my burst of excitement? 

..when I’m used to calling someone when I am sad but I know that they can’t hear me anymore? 

..when I’m used to doing something with someone but suddenly I have to do it alone? 

..when I realize how long it would take before I see this person again? 

Do I miss someone so much that I just want to cry? Yes. All the time. When I see children hugging and kissing their mothers, when I see a couple walking hand in hand, when I see a group of people laughing and fooling around, I feel terribly sad. And when I realize that I can do nothing about it, I feel even sadder. 

I guess every single person we love really holds a part of our hearts, and when we get separated from them, the spaces in our hearts where the pieces they’re holding once were will ache so hard and makes us want to cry in pain. 

Yes, I miss people everyday. But we just got to learn to live with the pain and hope that it ends soon. 
— H



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