The Late Warrior’s Tale

Dubai in 100 Days || Day 9:

October 9 is my annual day of mourning for 5 years now, for losing the strongest fighter I ever met — my Mom. 

The busy life here in Dubai kind of stripped me off the chance to do my mourning, so I’ll do it in the most beautiful way I can.

Mom, if you can read this, please know that I am trying so hard to forgive myself for not being able to kiss you one last time, for not being beside you, for not reading to you that final letter I wrote few days before. I thought I was ready, but again, I was late. Too late. Too late. 
Five years, and I miss you still. The amount of tears I shed whenever I think of you never diminish. 

The little girl in me died the moment she touched your cold hand and waited for your chest to move. She died when she saw your discolored skin. She died when she realized that there’s nothing left for her.

She died, and the lady in me was born. 
The mommy’s girl really can’t leave your side, I think. I hope she’s making you happy up there. 

I miss you terribly. I still wish I’m dreaming and would wake up beside you and you would hug me tight and ask me what’s wrong. I hope I wake up soon. 

– H



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