Dearest Tiny Light, 

​Dubai in 100 Days || Day6

I know you’re not as strong anymore.. I know you feel small in this city full of glorious  skyscrapers. I know how much you crave for inner silence in this world full of outer noise. I know how much you want to be swallowed by darkness and claim your well-craved peace. 

But, listen. 

You may just be a tiny light in the world full of darkness, and you might not think of it as important, but you see, it’s your tiny bit of light that makes all the difference. Your light — your tiniest, inessential light — may be someone’s only guide towards hope. You may be someone’s sole source of light. 

The world is not dark. It is just full of tiny people who decided to extinguish their light because they, too, felt unimportant. It is just full of millions of broken, forgotten, neglected tiny lights who chose to not make that small difference that they are capable of because they, too, felt like they have nothing to contribute.

Do you see it now? Light is not an absence of darkness. Rather, darkness is simply the absence of light. 

And the light is — and has always, ALWAYS been — in our hands. 

– H

PHOTO ¦ Tiny golden lamp worth 1 Dirham bought from a local store in Diera


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