Dubai in 100 Days || Day 2:

Everything looks so small when seen from the top — which is both fascinating and frightening. 

Fascinating, because seeing the larger view of things, seeing them from a different perspective makes everything seem different. 

Frightening, because this is probably why people who had a taste of being on the top do all they can to stay there. This is probably why they look at everybody else below them like they are the giants and the rest are just tiny specks of dust that can be shooed. 

Height is probably why some people forget that being on the higher position doesn’t make them any bigger than the rest of the world. 

I hope that when I reach a higher place, when I look down, I will be reminded of what it feels to be there. I hope I never forget that standing on the higher ground doesn’t make me any taller. I hope that when I am finally there, I would seize every opportunity to extend my arms and help others up so they can enjoy the same gorgeous view. 

I hope the height won’t fool me. 

– H

PHOTO ¦ City view from Dream Palace, Muraqqabat


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