Come, Have a Little Toast!

Why do you look so gloomy?

It’s not yet even midnight!

Come, sit beside me,

Let’s try to make y’mood right.

I know it’s not my business,

But what could possibly go wrong?

You got your family and your friends,

You can dance and sing a song.

What could a man with money

Be sad and lonely about?

You can buy yourself a lorry

And travel the world around!I know you got some problems,

But it’s not the problems you should mind —

It’s the kiss and love so solemn

That I doubt everyone else would find.

Look at your kids and the way they giggle

And enjoy all the time you have

Because one day, their funny Christmas jingles

Will only be an echo in your heart that you’ll have.

It’s the wind that blows your face

That you should let into your nerves,

And the sun’s generous rays,

And you wife’s unusual curves.

Love the socks and shoes on your feet,

And the sweater you have all day,

And the soft pillows, beds, and sheets

After a long and tiring day.

Make use of all the knowledge,

Write all your thoughts down.

Write about the bread and porridge,

Write all the reasons why you shouldn’t frown.

Oh, stop comparing your life with him!

He has his own story to tell!

Look around , the world’s not so dim..

Come, I’d love to hear you share your tale!

Here’s for the good days yet to come,

And for the mines you’re yet to dig,

And for the bad days you’ve overcome,

A little toast for a life so big!


– H



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