I was looking at you as you stood there — careless, relaxed, oblivious of the world. With your back from me, you were standing by the window, enjoying the view of the sun moving gracefully behind the city buildings directly in front of you.
Then, you turned around and leaned against the window and just stood there like an apparition of an angel sent to save my suffering soul.

But you know what’s best? You were far more glorious than any sunset I have ever witnessed.
You are nothing but a shadow against the rays — a dark image in the middle of the blinding light — yet, you were far more beautiful than all of the lights in the world combined.

The afternoon was fading, but you weren’t. You never did. Like the moon, you only shone brighter as the sun retired.
Then finally, I saw your smile.

And then the moon became the sun, and I became the shadow — the happiest shadow there is.

– H


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