The Seafoods Unlimited Atbp: Let’s Drink To That!


I think it’s safe to say that I am impressed.

Within less than a month, The Seafoods Unlimited Atbp’s excellent food and service gained promising reviews from its customers. But apparently, they are more than just a “seafood restaurant” — aside from their satisfying dishes, they also offer incredible signature beverages that you would just have to experience. I assure you, upon tasting these drinks, the restaurant will immediately have a special place in your heart.

The Seafoods Unlimited Atbp offers their own version of fresh fruit juices and shakes, hot tea, and coffees. Check out some of my favtes:

ICED TEA.    The Seafoods Unlimited Atbp’s iced tea is specially made by patiently brewing the tea bags and adding fresh lemon juices and other ingredients. This thirst-quenching drink is perfect for the hot climate in Dubai, and is best paired with your meal. But do you know what the best part is? You can avail a bottomless serving of their signature Iced Tea for only AED 10!

AVOCADO SHAKE.     I love avocados, but I have tasted a lot of avocado shakes before, and most of them have this weirdly bitter after-taste almost every time. That’s exactly the only thing that The Seafood Unlimited Atbp’s special Avocado Shake lacks, and that is why it’s the BEST. It is so smooth, creamy, and flavorful, it would literally comfort your senses. A glass of Avocado Shake a day keeps the stress away! (Fresh fruit shakes and juices such as pineapple, orange, and lemon are also available!

CAFFE LATTE.   In my experience, this is the best part! One sip is all it takes for you to experience the silky taste of milk and coffee in a cup. It’s like the coffee is giving your taste buds a warm, loving embrace that would really soothe your mood. Whether you like your coffee mild or wild, The Seafoods Unlimited Atbp is sure to satisfy your coffee-loving heart.

Whether you are a lover of tea-and-lemon, or health-conscious, or a self-confessed caffeine addict (like me!), there is a cup for you that you will surely love. Each glass and cup is a work of art, so I suggest that you grab your friends right now and visit The Seafoods Unlimited Atbp at the rooftop of Kings Park Hotel, Al Muraqqabat Road and see for yourself!

If you never craved for a drink before, well, it’s about time you welcome your first! See you at the rooftop! :)


For reviews, feedbacks, reservations, and more information, visit their Facebook page. :)

Read more about The Seafoods Unlimited Atbp here!



Rooftop, Kings Park Hotel, Muraqqabat, Dubai (near Philippine Supermarket)


Contact number:

052 507 0667



5:00 pm to 12:00 mn (Sun – Thurs)

11:30 am to 1:00 am (Fri – Sat)




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