UAE Stock Market: Testing the Waters

Stock Market has always been my interest since I was 17 years old and was exposed to how it works in the US. When the opportunity came, I briefly studied the Philippine Stock Market, but was not able to dive in because of several factors (i.e., financial statues, valid IDs, etc.). It was regrettable, but instead of drowning myself in self-pity, I decided to try again.

I’ve been in UAE for a week now, and my plan is to finally make my financial dream a reality.

However, I would need help in getting to know the local market, the top industries, the best way of opening an account, who are the reliable brokers, and things like that. I know the risks and the selling and buying stocks (at least by theory), but I would still need to know how to start it all up.

I hope you guys can help me with this. Share with me your experiences, or at least help me understand the local companies in UAE.

Join me as I start this new adventure!


– H



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