Note to Self:

  • When tired, pissed off, or irritated, remember to:
  1. Take deep breaths;
  2. Say, “I AM NOT A SAD STORY!”;
  3. Rest; and
  4. Resume the task at hand.
  • You know you will never be good enough, but write anyway.
  • STOP minding other people’s tastes. It’s your artwork, not theirs.
  • Never be afraid to paint, draw, or color. The world needs a little more of those.
  • Never be afraid to write, even if nobody seems to be reading them. Writing is not freeing the world — it’s freeing yourself from the world.

    – H


    FEATURED PHOTO || Author’s personal entry at  A Novel Journal: Edgar Allan Poe 


    Here’s the actual Note to Self, hoping that it would be of help to future hopeless self.


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