travel and love

It was just a dream, you know.. Packing my bags, leaving the city, spending long hours hitting the road, finding a beautiful beach, feeling the cold sand on my warm feet, listening to the waves, watching them dance, indulging in the blue sky above the mountains across the sea..

It was just a dream, until I met you. And next thing I know, I’m off the city’s deadly hooks and running away, maybe even faster than necessary.

And when I finally saw the trees and hills and patches of the bursting light kissing the ocean, I fell in love. And then I saw you beside me, and I fell in love even deeper. And I wanted to show you the things that pacified my wailing heart once, and pacifying it still. I wanted you to see the beauty. I wanted to be the person who reminds you over and over and over again that there is beauty somewhere, hidden far and far away, like gems and golds scattered in the mountains that can only be found by those who leave and search — either outside their cities, or inside their hearts.

But I should’ve known that these things are nothing as compared to your beauty while you slowly, uncontrollably fall in the spell of the sea. And then you looked at me and with a smile on your eyes, you said, “It’s beautiful.” And while I stood there, staring at your lovely face, entranced by all the beautiful things caught by my eyes within a moment, I said, “Yes.”

Yes to falling. Yes to drowning. Yes to running away. Yes to being spell-bound. Yes to forgetting. Yes to imprisonment. Yes to dreams. Yes to the unknown tomorrow. Yes to love. Yes to the death brought by the sea and the sky and the mountains and you.

Two items off my bucket list now:

1. to independently enjoy the world outside the city, and

2. to travel with camera in one hand and your hand in the other.


— H

FEATURED PHOTO || 071916 Sunset at Nagtabon Beach, Puerto Princesa, Palawan, Philippines


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