beautiful things

There are too many beautiful things in this world.

There’s the cool after-afternoon-but-before-nighttime breeze, 

and there’s the sound of rustling leaves and makes you feel like you’re one with the Earth. 

And there’s the peaceful, constant sound of city vehicles around you while you’re standing still in the sidewalk that makes you feel brave and different and alive and strong enough to stay unmoving in the midst of ever-moving world.

 Then there’s the way the groom looks at his bride, like he’s witnessing life’s greatest miracle walking towards him, and the mother’s tear when she first held her child, like she cannot believe that she can possibly love someone as deeply at first glance.

 Then there’s the smell of freshly baked bread and coffee and morning dew and all its comfort and homey feel.

 Then there’s the moon illuminating every cloud near her like she’s a generous goddess of some sort.

 And there’s the constant laughter, endless conversations, continuous sharing of thoughts that you inevitably take part of. 

And there’s the magical sound of the people you love: their voices, their giggles, the way they say your name, their sighs, their heartbeats.

And then, theres your heart. Scratched, bruised, bleeding, but still steadily beating..your broken, shattered, beautifully beaten heart.

There are too many beautiful things in this world. And yet, we still manage to see the worst side of life. In the midst of precious stones and fine jewels, why do we insist on staring at the mud?


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