It’s more than just the physical pain..

It’s the feeling of being useless, helpless.. of being afraid and sad and lonely and miserable that hurts more.

But what’s worse is the fact that it eats you slowly, it tears your brain piece by piece, rips your heart little by little every single fucking day. As the physical wound heals, the emotional pains worsens as the realization of what really happened sinks in. And then, people would expect you to get up and walk and act as if nothing happened. They’ll want you to function perfectly again after a certain period of time, because they don’t understand — they never will understand how it is to be a person whose real body is somewhere inside her heart. They’ll never see why healing time is necessary because they forgot that just because the armor is mended doesn’t mean that the soldier is healed.

Because people choose to be spoon-fed. They cannot imagine a suffering not posted on social media. They won’t believe anything unless broadcasted on Facebook and published on blog sites.

It’s just sad that medical certificates cannot report the emotional pain one feels after a very unfortunate event. And that we pretty much do not have any choice but to get back and walk again, anyway. You would still need to deal with people, explain where you’ve been, narrate the story of what happened over and over and over again, which would make you live the moment of nightmare again and again and again.

I just want you — whoever you are — to be aware that life won’t stop just because you’re hurt. And that you should take care of yourself and of the ones you love, because the repercussions aren’t fun to deal with.


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