i doubted

Dreams, I got a whole closet of them..

To write, to read, to fly, to swim, to capture the perfect sunset on the perfect beach, to discover the world, to build my own library, to publish a share-worthy post online, to inspire, to express myself so perfectly.

I could’ve done all that. I could’ve been an established writer or blogger or whatever, somewhere in the corner of this vast virtual world of internet. I could’ve established friendship with people I’ve never met. I could’ve read Charles Bukowski or finished a Jane Austen novel. I could’ve written the perfect poem and have the perfect person to read it. I could’ve been the prettier, healthier version of myself.

I could have. The thing is, I doubted.

But today, I end the doubts. I end the insecurities. I end the fears. Today, I’ll own the world. And along the process, I hope to discover the gems hidden inside the doubt-stained chest. I hope, with all my heart, that I get a glimpse of the life I’ve always wanted.

Today, my could-have’s turns into will-be’s.


PS. Dear Self, welcome to your new home. :)

PPS. To those who believed in me despite my greatest doubts, you are my miracles.


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